About Us

To reduce pain & enhance mobility in patient those who come to seek treatment for their discomfort in musculoskeletal & degenerative problems. Our aim is to rehabilitate the patient somehow are immobile due to some reason like neurological issues, sports injuries etc & make them fit to have physical independent to live normal day to day life.

Specifically, we aim to look to achieve these objectives for patients attending our physio clinic.

Our AIM is

  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Avoid surgery
  • Improve mobility
  • Recover from a stroke
  • Recover from or prevent a sports injury
  • Improve your balance and prevent falls
  • Manage diabetes and vascular conditions
  • Improve age-related issues
  • Monitor and manage Women’s Health and other conditions

Why Noble Physiotherapy Clinic?

The World Health Organization has projected that by 2050, the global geriatric population will reach a count of nearly 2 billion which was around 547 million in 2010. Similarly, increasing incidences of orthopaedic disorders will further accentuate the growth of the physiotherapy services market. Likewise, increasing women’s healthcare concern will also augment the growth of the physiotherapy services market. Pregnant women require special physiotherapy services for maintaining their foetus growth and their health.

The MD & Directors of Noble Hospital have noticed the growing need of physio & rehab services is required in & around Pune & similarly other places of Maharashtra hence planned to develop physio & rehab clinic so that it can be reached to the needy. The management team of Noble Hospital is competent & capable of entering into this new venture definitely is a kind gesture towards society & mankind & try to provide relief from pain & disability who so needs it.

We are coming up with state of art clinics with aesthetics values & aiming to provide high quality physiotherapy services. Our physiotherapist’s acumen is commendable & are well experienced in the subject. Our clinical director is expert in dealing with complicated cases & has updated himself with some of the foreign education qualification. He will be always there to help in complicated & difficult cases.

We always thrive to improvise our knowledge & quality services through case study & presentation, group discussion & use of modern physiotherapy equipment & technology & data analysis.

Our Vision

We believe that each patient has a different need and concern, and we firmly believe and strive to build a treatment environment encompassing those needs. Our organization is known for its integrity and highest regard for our patients and staff.

Our Mission

To provide quality services which exceed the expectation of our patients by providing them with the highest standards of treatment to enhance their level of functioning through cost effective service & care.

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